Travel has a New Destination. | Recce Case Study

Recce, a travel app concept designed by the team at The Potato Studio aims at delivering its users with a more personal and integrated travel experience.

Challenge- People who love to travel often fail to experience the true essence of a place because of lack of knowledge or proper assistance. Discovering what you truly want from a place you travel to often remains unfulfilled as tourists have no idea of the geography or culture of the place.

Goal- To develop a travel experience which involves a lot more personality than a travel package could offer, by allowing users to drop their recommendations and reviews about any place they travel to.

Process- Ideate and identify the problem, storyboard and design usage situations, create user persona to map out flow, create user flow and wireframes and design.

Project Timeline, spread through 3 weeks


The Idea spawned from a mix of personal experiences and secondary research from the internet. A need for a more personalised way to travel was identified, leading to the subsequent brainstorming and formation of a cohesive plan. The name the of the application was decided to be “Recce” as it means to scope out a location and explore it.

Wanderlust (n.)- A strong desire to travel


A comprehensive research strategy was adopted by the team involving both, Qualitative and Quantitative approaches to data collection. The team interviewed 10–15 people in order to understand frustrations and inclinations that people have while travelling in-order to understand and form a design strategy which would serve to ease frustrations and solve problems. The results are as follow:

Visual representation of data collected from personal interviews.


A user persona was created by analysing the data collected from interviews. The frustrations and pain-points were given special attention in this process as it helps designers steer clear of things which are a no-go in the experience being designed.

User Persona- Nolan Press


A very crucial part of the design process is storyboarding. It involves making physical sketches of scenarios where users can be seen being drawn to the application and the situations where the need of the application in their lives would be reflected. It helps a designer to work on the appeal of the application and ease the onboarding of a user on to the platform.

User hears others travel stories and feels the desire to travel
Comes across Recce and starts searching for places to visit
Starts packing their bags to go on a journey with the help of Recce
Travels to their dream destination
Enjoys their vacation along with people they met through Recce

User Flow

A user flows is designed to figure out the logical flow of a user of the application. It shows a users journey from launching the application and discovering all it’s functional.

User Flow for “Recce”


Every good design starts with a solid foundation, and a solid foundation is created through the process of wireframing. It involves designing screens of an application without any UI elements like colour or typography or copy. It forces a designer to critically ponder upon the logical placement of elements so as to maximise usability and information hierarchy.

Wireframes for “Recce”

Final Design

Community Hub

Community screen has been given more priority so that travellers can easily explore people and their posts.

Community Page

Explore Places

Explore most popular places and sites which are visited around your location and collaborate with other travellers around you.

Explore Section

Your Space

Traveller’s profile section shows them their brief description and their stats on travelling. they can also see their own travel gallery and their wishlist for future trips.

Profile Page

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We are a new age design studio with multidisciplinary specialisations, combining knowledge, experience, creativity and vision to deliver outstanding experiences

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The Potato Studio

The Potato Studio

We are a new age design studio with multidisciplinary specialisations, combining knowledge, experience, creativity and vision to deliver outstanding experiences

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